Supporting our Parish

If you wish to donate to the parish, you can do so online with the Parish Paypal account. This is a secure way of contributing towards the upkeep and life of the parish community. Also, if you are a tax payer, we would ask you to consider joining our parish GiftAid scheme.

To find out more about GiftAid, please contact the parish priest on 01698 832 920 or

ONLINE GIVING We have enlisted the support of a charity (the Dove Trust) that is dedicated to quality advice about personal and corporate charitable giving, online, and by telephone or post.

If you want to make an online payment to your parish, we accept most major cards including visa, cirrus, maestro, connect, delta, mastercard, amex.

Thank you for your generosity!

Mass Times

Mon: 9.30am
Tue: 9.30am
Wed: 9.30am
Thu: 9.30am
Fri: 9.30am
Sat: 9.30am/Vigil 4.30 pm
Sun: 10.00am/12pm